Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Exciting week ahead!

I have the lingering feeling that the week to come is going to be exciting and fun (hopefully!)... Lots of events lined up, there are... Vision '07 begun today with a somewhat IMPRESSIVE speech by our own Vice-Chancellor on the steps of Vivekananda Auditorium. It was directed to those who wore casual clothes - Dear me! what a start. Well why did I tell this... Ah! yes... I and my rather amicable friends were to design, build and compete a robot against the best in India (or so they say) for a prize of Rs.60000! Of course the plan took a slide to the bottom. We hope to finish one by Kurukshetra next year.

And the next thing I am excited about is the SAE workshop on Saturday. I won't reveal anything here till Saturday.
Then there is my department's own symposium Geohorizon - not quite like the others, I may agree, but still I am excited. Its on the Friday and Saturday of next week. I actually made a poster for Geohorizon...

But it was rejected by my seniors. I do not question their decision. They were correct. I am only an amateur designer and so it is natural that I need more practice.

And finally I am excited about the assessments!!! It is nature!