Saturday, February 23, 2008

Linux is GOOD

Finally I have switched to Linux - Ubuntu Linux. It is wonderful! Really! Imagine running flip 3D with 256 MB of RAM. Vista cannot do that but Ubuntu can. It is not just about the looks but the overall flexibility of the system. Also the stability and security are amazing. Imagine that Windows was a small skinny boy and Ubuntu, like Terminator. When you give a powerful blow to both and compare... Windows shows a BSoD. But Ubuntu just logs-off, more like a powerful man getting a little dazed by a punch in his cheeks. That's stability.

Security is also good. I do not need antivirus software. When I changed the permissions of the /usr/share folder to 777, Ubuntu refused to work anymore. That's security. If I did the same in Windows by deleting some system files, the system would work but show a thousand alerts with codes I cannot even understand.

All said Ubuntu is not totally free of bugs. Compiz sometimes behaves strangely. Copy-paste does not work everywhere unless you are root. And the shade of brown where ever you go irritates me. Of course I could change the theme... Hey! I cannot do that in Windows! :) Now that's Open Source and I like it!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Hooray! I have finally got my NVidia FX5200 card to work on Ubuntu Gutsy! All thanks to ENVY.

There can be no stopping me now from my Open Living.