Saturday, October 25, 2008

Last Six Months

In this post I will try to show the reader some interesting data about my life in the last six months. No spoilers here, read on...


Extensive analysis of my travel records over the last six months show that I have travelled 43000 Km (rounded to the nearest 500 Km). This value 11.1688312% of the distance between the Earth and the Moon. So if I live for 5 years, I will have gone the distance of the Moon. Wow! Thats amazing! All this data points to one conclusion. I have been travelling a lot and need some rest :)

Psst : Readers who need to know how I arrived at these values can send me a message. Note that these calculations are immensely complex [:|]. It took the supercomputer "REDQUEEN" at Oxford, 3 days to compute the values.


A picture cum text story of my visits in the past 6 months. The Delhi visit is missing because my friends haven't given the photos.

At the Havelock Beach in the Andaman Islands

At the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Kodaikanal

Summer at Kodaikanal was lot of fun

At the Fundamental Aeronautics Meeting, Atlanta, USA

Receiving the award

With the awardees

We stayed at a Sheraton in Atlanta!

In Derbyshire, UK

With the Thrust 2 ! Nostalgic...

The Thrust SSC

With the Thrust SSC. Wow! No words to express my awe. Then this happened after I returened.

Eyeing the London Eye in the City of Westminster

The Big Ben and I

The London Bridge is NOT falling down

Tower Bridge across the Thames

At Buckingham Palace

A typical street in Oxford


I have made more progress in the "airplane front" than anything else in this period. Some statistics for you...

1.) I have been in 12 take-offs and landings so far.

2.) I have been in 9 different aircraft (not aircraft types).

3.) I have been on B737, A320, B747, A319, S80 and A330.

4.) I know that tail number of all except two aircraft that I have flown on.

5.) I have photographed 60% of all aircraft that I have been on.

6.) The airplane had a technical snag on two occasions when I was flying.

7.) I had the best time in my life sitting in these airplanes. :)