Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is the problem?

I am going to be extremely critical of India and Indians in this post. I know I am Indian myself but so be it.

When there are no good programs in the Discovery Channel or NGC, it is usual for me to browse the popular news channels. All of them have one thing in common. They are full of news of injustice, immorality, inhumane and the down-right disgusting. Mercy killing here and corruption there. It is full of these things that forms part of a news-watchers day. Some say that the news channels always focus on the negative aspects, but wait... It is true that our world, especially our part of the world, is full of this negativity, whatever it means.

One might argue on the definition of negative in this context. This will be a never-ending discussion. So forgetting that let me take an example. Recently some students at a college in Chennai had a fight which was instigated politically. There was a video aired on TV that showed a youth being struck until he became unconscious and then struck again and again by some other persons of his college. Terrible. How one could fight with someone who was not armed or in this case not even conscious? Pick someone of your own size is really valid here. Terrible.

I listened to a couple of people who had some passing comment about the issue. One said, "Law colleges are always like this!". Another said, "The current Government must be changed.". Wait a minute... Who is the real problem. INDIANS ARE THE PROBLEM. The mentality of the Indian mind is the problem. There are now so many people in this country that, to survive, it becomes essential to push ahead of the rest leaving behind those who cannot push. Let me give you a few examples, some very trivial, which show the utter disregard, the insensitivity that Indians have to the law or to another person.

* People don't know to stand in a queue.
* People don't know watch for the red signal.
* People (especially in Chennai and probably the metros) take pleasure in the other person's failure.
* People don't care if they are a source of wrong information.
* People do whatever their peers do. Will they jump into a raging river if everyone does? I don't know.


I am not saying these are happening only in India. They happen everywhere. But nowhere is the rate of these things, among literates, as high as it is in India. Sad :(

Is this a genetic defect, something inherent in the Indian gene that makes them so? I sincerely hope not, for this means a great blow to this Indian race (if such a thing exists at all).

Is this a temporary phenomenon, caused by the ever-growing population? If so, then soon we might find a world full of Indians but with no India. Sad but a fitting end I would say.


I do not recall posting my views on social or racial issues in the past but the feeling now is so over-whelming that I need an outlet.

It is highly unlikely that this post will have a sequel. I have better things to worry about ;)