Saturday, January 26, 2008

What a month!

Wow! What a month it has been! (I know it is actually two, but for some reason I remember only one go by) The past 40 odd days have been the best times of my (technical) life. From exercising my head to having fun, I have done all that I had ever wanted to do. I remember stating in the last blog that I had two projects on my hand. Well both are now over (I had some additional ones too!) with a 50:50 success rate.

The first was TGMC a programming project cum competition conducted each year by IBM. We finished it in four 12-hour days. I know we did not do our best but it was a new experience for me to finish a project at all.

Then there was my A Remotely Piloted Blimp for Aerial Photography. Insane as I was to put forth that idea, it never really worked out. The plan was to build a blimp for aerial photography and photogrammetry. But the project proved too costly and was abandoned. But I am still interested in it!

Then came the big K! This year's edition saw my association with some really great people to conduct Aeromodelling. They are all from Mechanical Engineering doing their 6th semester (except Pratap who has passed out). My association with Mirunalini, Bhubaneswari Parida, Anusha, Muthukumaran, Kaveesh, Pratap and a host of others through them showed that CEG is still a vibrant place with talented people. I was truly amazed by their ability to learn and have fun at the same time. It is this lack of enterprising people in the other branches, especially mine, that worries me. I do not have people in my class with whom I can discuss, say about Quantum Mechanics in the morning or about Superman Returns during lunch. I did have such discussions with the others though. From calculating spring constants for the springs in the catapult to debating the existence of UFOs, engineering doesn't get better than this!

Anyway we had a great time during Kurukshetra 2008. Aeromodelling was a good success. I am glad that I was part of Team K! and also thankful to people like Mirunalini who inspite of being seniors allowed me to play an equal part in all we did for K!

But it is all over now and assessments are due in a week. So it is back to routine for me after a long time. A lot of other things happened as well, but then it would take too long (especially with my notoriuosly intense craving for perfection)to tell the reader everything.

And damn, I am still using Windows!!