Friday, January 9, 2009

Prospects for the Immediate Future

I usually do not keep worrying about the future and always concentrate on the present. Given the choice, I would choose to spend my time on writing programs to solve linear equations than to familiarize myself with the pattern of the CAT. But no matter how detached one is from society in general, at some point one must think of his future. It is my turn now.

It dawned to me in a hard way today that the next 6 months are the most crucial for my professional success than anything before. Again I wouldn't care about my profession if I were the son of a lord in England and were born 200 years ago. But I am not. I cannot spend my time worrying about friction or about Braag diffraction unless I want to earn nothing. So I must choose to do something and so I have.

This "actvity" of mine can make it quite impossible to update this blog any time in the immediate future. In the meanwhile, I wish all the best to the readers of this blog for whatever they might be preparing for :)

P.S. : I am certainly NOT preparing for the CAT.