Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Language of Science

Can you tell me what this is?

And this?

Maybe this...?

I know you can tell what this is.

Yes, this is called a house. The three others also meant the same thing, but in a cryptic form that people call language.

Now take science. Science today has grown too complex for it to be expressed like a story in books. That is why it needs a common language. That is the need of the hour. But before you start saying that humans have not done enough to find this common language, it is already there, probably as long (maybe longer?) as science itself. People call it mathematics, but I prefer to call it the language of science.

Imagine where science would be without it. Just imagine. If you look around yourself, there is mathematics in everything. Everything without exception.

So why is it then that people are afraid of this beautiful language? I often find people doing engineering say, "Ah! At last all my maths papers are over." This is rubbish, especially so when it comes from a to-be engineer. People must learn to love this language rather than hate it.

I could consider that I have justified my life on Earth only when I look at a partial differential equation and visualize the phenomenon that it represents without any need for explanation. It is only then that I may consider myself anywhere close to being literate. A literate of this language of science.


1. Sorry to people who know Norwegian, Japanese or Arabic.

2. I really don't know the purpose of this post. Just felt like I had to write it.