Monday, November 12, 2007

Linux must wait...

Well... as per my earlier blog I ought to be doing this from Ubuntu. But I upgraded my PC and now Ubuntu Live CD wont work! So a bit of a delay in my open living. It is unlikely though I will be installing it any time soon, because on the day after tomorrow my exams start.

I am currently involved in two projects so keep watching my blog for updates. Boy am I excited about them!!!

And SGE has started a new website and also an e-journal SPECTRA. I designed the site. Take a look and post your comments!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

OpenSource is the way to go.

I am an enthusiastic Linux user. I always had Ubuntu installed on my system in addition to Windows. But I had always resisted the idea of using Linux on an everyday basis. But after one or more stimuli that I have received I have finally decided to switch to Ubuntu for all my daily tasks. So my next blog will be from a Linux OS.

I am aware that I will encounter problems in using certain programs. One possible program that I may not be able to use (or find an alternative) is Nikon Capture Control Pro. Correct me if I am wrong.

Fresh after hibernation!

Today is exactly six months since my last blog. It is not that I was too busy to blog but only that I had nothing to blog about. Not that the past six months have been totally devoid of incidents but only that I felt no true purpose in my blogging. So to spice up things a bit, this blogspot will from now onwards be a platform for all that interests me and will not be restricted to an account of my life. So for yet another time I restart my blog!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

An undercalculation

I was correct alright... but the degree to which I expected the week on the previous blog to be exciting was an undercalculation. It was actually three weeks of excitement and anxiety.

The first week or rather the weekend had Geohorizon and the SAE workshop. Geohorizon was small but neat. As they say great things come in small packages. Good small scale organization... But what was annoying was the fact that with just ten participants (or delegates as they are called) conducting a two-day event is very boring to the audience. You see the same faces with the same expressions (blank!). But otherwise it was splendidly organized. Day 2 of geohorizon saw me deserting Map Game for Aeromodelling Workshop. Alas! I dont know why I participated. Building a simple 7 gram glider is not easy - take my word. I, with Sajin and Arun Balu spent an hour designing it and another 4 - yes! You read it right... four hours building it, and during the flying session my glider never flew! I now understand that aeromodelling is a very time-consuming and costly affair. I am not disinterested but only unwilling to spend considerable time on it. Here are some photos of my glider...

Then during that week and the next we had assessments... Nothing much about them just as usual. During the second week I had a moderate viral infection for 3 or 4 days.

In the third week on Tuesday I went to Tirunelveli on short notice. Tirunelveli is a nice place, but very hot. The people are friendly, unlike here in Madras. I was to return on Saturday but the plan was cancelled, all thanks to our politicians. I had to sit back doing nothing for 24 hrs. When such things happen it is sad... The SC Judge has himself stated that in no other country do people compete to be the most backward. At this rate no development can take place in this country.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Exciting week ahead!

I have the lingering feeling that the week to come is going to be exciting and fun (hopefully!)... Lots of events lined up, there are... Vision '07 begun today with a somewhat IMPRESSIVE speech by our own Vice-Chancellor on the steps of Vivekananda Auditorium. It was directed to those who wore casual clothes - Dear me! what a start. Well why did I tell this... Ah! yes... I and my rather amicable friends were to design, build and compete a robot against the best in India (or so they say) for a prize of Rs.60000! Of course the plan took a slide to the bottom. We hope to finish one by Kurukshetra next year.

And the next thing I am excited about is the SAE workshop on Saturday. I won't reveal anything here till Saturday.
Then there is my department's own symposium Geohorizon - not quite like the others, I may agree, but still I am excited. Its on the Friday and Saturday of next week. I actually made a poster for Geohorizon...

But it was rejected by my seniors. I do not question their decision. They were correct. I am only an amateur designer and so it is natural that I need more practice.

And finally I am excited about the assessments!!! It is nature!

Friday, February 16, 2007

I am now "WEB PRESENT"

I am back so soon but not without reason. I spent the whole day setting up my web pages on Googlepages. It is now up and ready!!! Visit it at

Please visit it and let me get some comments. I know no one is reading this blog NOW but strongly believe that many will in the future... Even if you are reading this in 2010 post your comments!!! Please!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Into the "blogosphere" - at long last!

Well... after rubbishing claims made by numerous people that blogging was the best way to "connect" to the rest of the world here I am writing my very first blog! This was partly fuelled by the fact that hosting a website is no easy task and also due to my intense craving for perfection I never seem to completely finish a website.

Intros first... My name (if you have not noticed it yet) is S.Srinath. I am a I year student studying B.E. Geoinformatics at the College of Engineering, Guindy. I do NOT love music, dancing, painting or singing. But I do love coding, reading, sporting, swimming, physics, maths, etc.

Today the college is scintillating with activity credits due to Techofes 2007. But I never seem to like trifles like these (Kurukshetra was exciting though). So I find myself (along with my notoriously intense craving for perfection) typing this blog taking around half an hour to finish it.

II semester classes are nice! Subjects very interesting. Geohorizon is up ahead so I hope to get involved in one way or the other.

What else to say... thats it I guess, for now atleast. I hope I can update my blog often (taking half an hour for each blog!) and keep the reader updated. In hope that this blog will provide a fruitful insight into my life I urge the readers to post comments.