Thursday, February 15, 2007

Into the "blogosphere" - at long last!

Well... after rubbishing claims made by numerous people that blogging was the best way to "connect" to the rest of the world here I am writing my very first blog! This was partly fuelled by the fact that hosting a website is no easy task and also due to my intense craving for perfection I never seem to completely finish a website.

Intros first... My name (if you have not noticed it yet) is S.Srinath. I am a I year student studying B.E. Geoinformatics at the College of Engineering, Guindy. I do NOT love music, dancing, painting or singing. But I do love coding, reading, sporting, swimming, physics, maths, etc.

Today the college is scintillating with activity credits due to Techofes 2007. But I never seem to like trifles like these (Kurukshetra was exciting though). So I find myself (along with my notoriously intense craving for perfection) typing this blog taking around half an hour to finish it.

II semester classes are nice! Subjects very interesting. Geohorizon is up ahead so I hope to get involved in one way or the other.

What else to say... thats it I guess, for now atleast. I hope I can update my blog often (taking half an hour for each blog!) and keep the reader updated. In hope that this blog will provide a fruitful insight into my life I urge the readers to post comments.


Fermi said...

Ur blog is really good. The poster which u created for are symposium is fantastic. And about our 2nd sem, maybe our subjects are interesting, but not are classes they are really boring, except for Maths & Remote Sensing.

Shera said...

hey,.. this may be a very late response for what u have posted a year ago.. Unfortunately only today i got a chance to read all ur blogs.. :-(.. you sound totally out of an ordinary person.. I just know u as an intelligent student who has something going on apart from the regular academics.. But i never thought u to be a passionate lover for science.. U say u love maths, u love aircrafts, u love surveying n photogrammetry,u love programming, u love photography.. its a huge list n of course u master really surprised..I never realised that there is a genius sitting behind in the class.. i wonder how u manage all these things.. will u sleep or not?.. I badly want to know this.. lol.. :-)But there is one thing about you which i suppose i should share with you.. You never have been the first one to start a conversation.. rather i should say, you never speak out.. I always hav this feeling that you are a reserved type, moody person, though now i kno that i was wrong...
anyhow, i guess there are lots of things which i should learn from you. You sound interesting.. I just wrote this,in case, if you read this years later, you will definitely be reminded about a girl who always had this question in her mind: " am i worth living?":-)

Neeraja said...

I'm glad. :D