Saturday, March 15, 2008

Enough is enough

I have been committing myself to a lot of projects lately. My last count shows me that I have five in hand. But it is time for introspection.

Being involved in a project is good. But it is also my responsibility to make sure that the project succeeds. I had thus far been under the impression that the more I do the more I win. But this is certainly not the case. So from now on enough is enough! I am going to take up no more projects but am going to complete the ones I am currently involved in, to perfection.

This is for Atma anna

I am now fairly used to Ubuntu. I am doing almost everything in it. Some of the screenshots:

I haven't even spruced up my desktop using screenlets or widgets and even before that it looks so good. I will now address the issues raised by Atma anna.

1.) I agree that Linux is not so convenient as Windows. Most tasks need to be performed from command line interfaces. But that is power. You can change the display settings all in one go by editing a file called xorg.conf. You cannot do that in Windows. Again I think engineers are power users of computers. And Linux is power.

2.) There is an alternative to almost every software from Windows. The best part is they are all OpenSource. There is K3B for Nero, Pidgin or Gaim for Y! messenger, Firefox for IE, QCAD for AutoCAD, Blender for Maya, VLC for Media Player, the list could go on... (Watch out for a download accelerator and manager that we are currently developing at CEGLUG )

3.) I do not know much about GIS and DIP. GRASS GIS is OpenSource, so is MapServer, gvSIG, etc. MATLAB is also available for Linux for DIP and e-foto is a photogrammetric workstation.

I would recommend any user to switch over to Linux. But a basic knowledge of UNIX and some commands maybe essential. It is a lot easier to learn these UNIX commands than to spend Rs. 20000 on Windows Vista! Believe me!


Shriram said...

Hey Srinath! This is S.Shriram do u remember me??Ur skool mate in bharathi..not B.Shriram the other shriram who lived near annapoorna hotel in coimbatore..OMG!!#$!@#$!@#$!!! u hv become a real nerd..always involved in studies n sometin related to that...seriously..u hv gone mad after join the ANNA univ hope it dint offend u :D !!!!!Anyway your blog is really good da..keep updating it...!

Srinath S said...

Dei I remember you so very well man! You don't have to give me a three page intro. Its been a long time since we met. Where are you? How are you? Just send me an email so I know yours.

geodexter said...

Hey Srinath!! cool i never knew you would address my comments as a blog. Happy that you did. wow, you desktop indeed looks cool!!
Hey your list is worthy, I have not heard of those photogrammetric workstations!
It has been quite a while, I wanted to feel working in GRASS. Have you? if so, render some light on that with a post.

So junior, you are from CBE is it? Where in CBE do you live?

Srinath S said...

I am yet to start with GIS so I haven't worked on GRASS. But I am an outspoken OpenSource geek. The very philosophy of software being free to use and to modify is cool. That is why I support GRASS GIS though I haven't worked in it.

I was in Coimbatore(Saibaba Colony) till 8th standard. I moved to Chennai later. You are from Coimbatore, I gathered from your post. How long?

geodexter said...

Yes Srinath, I was, I am and will be in CBE only. My parents live there. Upto my colloge times I lived in CBE.