Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer Time

As the Americans (the British too?) would say, "Long time no see..."

So, I am back with the following.

  • A new love
  • A new hobby
  • A summer job
  • A date with GRE
  • And a list of things to do which is longer than the river Nile

  • I am so excited that I cannot even wait for my exams to get over before I post this. :D

    More on all the above in the days to come...


    sandoz said...

    Good that you got a summer job.. Is it a paid intern?? And good luck with GRE..

    Srinath S said...

    Thanks Santhosh anna. Well, I don't think you can call it a paid internship. They don't pay me any salary or stipend. But they have told me that funding will be available.

    I never knew you had blog. I will read it. :)

    sandoz said...

    and i assume your intern is in visualization.. Good job man..

    and about my blog.. it justifies its name.. 'random scribblings' :D