Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I have always kept saying Home Sweet Home but not as much as I did over the past few days. I am back after my longest trip away from home. Not that I get nostalgic or am afraid to go out but only that I haven't been away so long.

My "home" in Delhi might not have been the sweetest given that I had to do with 45-degree-days but my "work" was indeed the sweetest ever. Never had I thought any place could be better for work than Anna University, at least in India. I was wrong. There are better places.

That is all that I will say. If the reader is interested in the details of the work I did then please visit

2 comments: said...

theres no place like home
such a nice blog u have ... so simple yet so attractive
loved it
keep blogging :)

Nitin said...

good to have u back :D *hugs*