Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a panorama

A panorama that I created today. I might consider buying lunch to the person who can identify the "event" happening when the photo(s) were taken.

Note: Reward is negotiable.

Click on the image for the larger version.


sandoz said...

no clue.. sand storm??

Nitin said...

events happening eh! u should hav framed it better :P

1)the clouds were moving
2)u were breathing
3)many more annoying things to mention.

buy me a juice...that will do :)

Nitin said...

and yeah, on clicking the image , the name of the image appears :)

Srinath S said...

Here are the scores.

Nitin : 0/10.0
A useless zero.

sandoz : 10.0/10.0
It was indeed a "full-blown" sandstorm as seen from the balcony in IIT Delhi. Full points for you. How can I buy you lunch? :) Can I email it?

Nitin said...

totally unfair...

Srinath S said...

Evidently I am a big fool.

Because (evidently) I named the file sandstorm_lowres.jpg

But evidently the lunch offer still holds.

@nitin: Most evidently you are an even greater fool than I am.

Nitin said...

no doubt that am a greater fool than u r...
why doubt it why scribbling it here !!!

sandoz said...

I will be home in a couple for months!!

Anonymous said...

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